When I was growing up in Mt Pleasant, why I should to go to Sunday School was not a question that I dare ask. You see, Sunday school was part of going to church on Sunday morning. Not only was it expected but we kids looked forward to going because all of our friends would be there as well.

As I think back to those Sunday mornings, I can still hear mama singing her theme song about her relationship with God. “He’s Sweet I Know” – As the smell of coffee, bacon, or fatback, grits, scrambled eggs and homemade biscuits (Daddy didn’t allow can biscuits in his house) floated through the house. You didn’t need an alarm clock that sweet smell of love that escaped from the kitchen was enough to wake up the entire neighborhood, much less the house.
Around nine o’clock, the sound of the church bell would begin to ring. Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong letting the neighborhood know that worship time was near. “Hurry up you two let’s go before we’re late to Sunday School” Mama would say with that big smile on her face that just lit up everything around her. I used to run ahead and try to get there before the bell stopped ringing, because I knew whichever deacon was ringing the bell would let me pull the rope the last few times.
I can still feel Mr. Lark Reeves holding my feet to keep me from going up into the bell tower as the rope went up returning the bell to its proper position. Yes dear elders, I did play up in the bell tower, without permission. Confession is good even if it comes fifty years later!

In Sunday School class, we learned not only bible verses; the ten commandments, bible theme children’s songs and listen to great bible stories. Mr. Dave Reeves was my favorite because he was so funny, we were also taught how to get along with each other, to share, to pray, to have respect for our elders, to cooperate as a team and leadership skills. Remember how important you felt when a teacher would put you in charge of something? This type of grassroots Christian Education laid the foundations for future generations to carry on the work of the church as those family names still function within the church and the body of Christ. I believe that Sunday School is the wellspring from which this training begins. Remember B.T.U.? I could call out my Sunday School teacher’s names like the list of honored people on a historic memorial monument, but that is for a later time. It is enough for me that they are part of my childhood life story, never to be erased.
But alas, when I look for our children in Sunday School on Sunday mornings, I am saddened by how few are present, and think about would could I do to help change this. Along with prayer, I ask those of you who share the experiences of your youth and those stores about Sunday School like the one I shared in this short narrative begin to give your children stories about Sunday School that they too can one day share with their children by bringing them back to Sunday school.

If transportation is a problem, please bring this to the attention of the Sunday school staff and we can help. This is for anyone in the community along with our children. I look forward to seeing you all, including the children in Sunday school next Sunday morning.  
Tommy Davis - Volume 1